CEO's greetings

    • NRT 2005 ǰ ̷, ģȯ ɼ ǰ dz Ͻ Ͽ츦 Խϴ. ߺ ϰ ü踦 Ͽ, ģȯ Ʈ Ȱ ̸ Ͻ Ȯϰ ֽϴ. ġִ NRT, ϴ NRT ǥ ޼ Ʋ ̰ų 翡 ʰ ο ̷ ϰڽϴ.

    • Since its establishment in 2005 as a manufacturer of injection parts, NRT has built up rich business know-how to develop eco-friendly functional parts. Now, we have established a customized one-stop service system from development to mass production, and are expanding our business areas eco-friendly smart small home appliances including ultra-precision sensor business. In order to achieve the goal of Worthwhile NRT, Together with NRT, we will continue to challenge ourselves toward a new future without being constrained by the existing framework or settling for the present.

    • NRT2005Ҵ为ء来,为开发环积׫丰ݣ经验 从开发产,构顾综务体ͧ,将务领扩传业内环ʫ电 "为实现"值NRT,NRT"标,Ϭ现框ʭ满现,将继续ڱ来战"